5 Best Google Forms Timer Apps

You are a teacher or a recruiter, right?

How did we find that? That was easy.

Teachers and recruiters regularly use Google Forms to test students and prospective employees. It is easier to conduct online tests and access results using Google Forms.

But there is a problem – Google Forms does not have a timer.

So, you searched for the best Google Forms timer apps. When there are thousands of them listed (see below), you need help.

Lucky for you, we have done all the hard work already!

So, save time and check out the 5 best Google Forms timer apps we have carefully curated for you.

5 Best Google Forms Timer Apps (Google Forms Add-ons) 

1. AutoProctor (Timer + AI-Controlled Remote Proctoring)

Features of AutoProctor Add-on

  • Reliable Google Forms time tracker with a million downloads
  • Possible to schedule the test for a specific starting and ending date and time.
  • The time duration for the test can be pre-set
  • Auto-submission (auto-close) option is available
  • Late submission can be allowed or disallowed
  • Are you worried about students cheating? Relax! Autoproctor has a proctoring (monitoring) option that can track tab-switching activity and record audio/noise levels. Its Artificial Intelligence-powered camera records the screen with random screenshots during the test. 
  • Test score report and trust score (if proctoring is enabled) can be accessed instantly
  • A free trial option is available (with 25 free tests)

Where can we use AutoProctor?

  • Schools and colleges
  • Tutoring centers
  • Community colleges
  • Online screening tests of candidates
  • Timed online interviews by recruiters 
  • HR departments of companies and startups

How to use AutoProctor on Google Forms?

  • Add Autoproctor Add-on from Google Workspace
  • You can create a test or quiz on Google Forms and copy its link. Then share the link with the test taker or the entire classroom(s). 
  • If you don’t have the test ready, you can create a new test using Google Forms on AutoProctor
  • On the Main Settings page, there is a toggle Timer button. Set it ON for timed tests
  • There is also a toggle Proctor button. Enable it if the test needs to be proctored.
  • Copy the test link
  • Share with the student/candidate/classroom
  • On the Time Settings page, set the duration of the test, start and end dates and time, allow or disallow late submission, and choose to enable or disable auto-submission when the time limit is reached 

                                            Install Autoproctor

2. GClocked Form Timer 

Features of Form Timer

  • This is a countdown timer Add-on for Google Forms
  • Built securely on the Google cloud platform
  • The time and other specifications can be configured on the Home page
  • A single test link is shared with all test-takers
  • Options such as branding and timeout behavior can be configured
  • Auto-submission is not available yet
  • Captures data such as open time, submission time, and auto-close at the end of the test.

Where can Form Timer for Google Forms be used?

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Test centers 
  • Recruiting agencies

How do add a Countdown Form Timer in Google Forms Quiz?

Install Google Form Timer

3. Extended Forms Timer

 Features of Extended Forms Add-on 

  • Countdown timer integration for Google Forms
  • Native integration with Google Classroom
  • Seamless testing and transfer of reports
  • Easy to add teachers and staff using the ‘Team’ feature
  • Proctoring option is available
  • Custom branding is possible
  • Auto-submission and auto-scoring features

Where can Extended Forms Add-on be used?

  • Schools (with Google Classroom for integration)
  • Higher academic institutions
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Startups and Companies

How to create Google Forms with Extended FormsTimer?

  • Create the test on Google Forms
  • Set the time limit for the countdown timer
  • Add to the classroom(s)

Install Extended Forms Timer

4. Timer for Forms

This is a countdown timer that can be used on Google Forms with basic proctoring capability. It is used to create online tests and quizzes.

Features of Timer for Forms

  • Works in Google environment. So, it does not require any external platform or account
  • Starting/ending date and time can be set so that the test will be active only for that period
  • The number of attempts allowed can be specified and tracked.
  • Email notification for every submission of the form
  • Timestamp recorded for every attempt

Where can Timer for Forms be used?

  • Schools and colleges
  • Recruitment exams

How does the Timer for Forms look like?

Install Timer for Forms

5. Timer (for Google Forms)

The Timer Add-on is designed to effortlessly turn Google Forms into online tests and quizzes and record your submission time in a spreadsheet that has been linked.

Features of Timer

  • No account required
  • No platform needed
  • Custom time limit
  • Custom start/end date
  • Proctoring option available

Where can we use Timer?

  • Academic exams
  • Employment exams
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Surveys

How to add Timer to Google Forms?

  • Configure the Add-on directly from the Google Forms editor
  • Add Timer to Google Forms and set the time limit
  • Link an Excel sheet and record the submission time directly to the sheet

Install Google Forms Timer


Now that you have read our curated list of the 5 best Google form timer apps, it is easier to decide the Add-on timer you choose.

 We suggest you try Autoproctor’s free trial once. With over a million users (employers, recruiters, and institutions), it is one of the most trusted Google Forms timer Add-ons.

Time is ticking …

Try AutoProctor

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