Non-Google Forms Tests & Other Announcements

We launched AutoProctor in July, 2020 to help schools and colleges conduct exams in a secure environment. AutoProctor was launched as a Google Forms integration and we have conducted millions of tests since.

Many of you have enquired with us if you can use AutoProctor with Microsoft Forms, or other Test Platforms of your choice. We told you that we were working on it. Today, we are excited to announce integrations with Microsoft Forms, and with other Test Platforms too!

Below, we describe how you can create AutoProctor tests if you are using Microsoft Forms or some other Test Platform. If you are using AutoProctor to assess candidates you want to recruit, check out the last section of this post.

Microsoft Forms

1. Like Google, Microsoft also has Forms. Unlike Google, though, there is no add-on system for Microsoft Forms. But, no worries! You can create a Microsoft Forms test directly on the AutoProctor site.

2. Log in to AutoProctor’s Add Iframe Test Page:

3. Follow the instructions on this video:

4. Once you create the test, it will show up like your Google Forms Tests. You can then click on the Copy Button to copy the AutoProctor Test Link.

Other Test Platforms

1. Maybe you are using a non-Google, non-Microsoft Forms test platform to conduct tests. If this platform supports Iframe embedding, you can use AutoProctor with this platform too. We call such tests Iframe Tests.

2. Firstly, visit

3. Then, watch this video to understand how to create an Iframe Test.

4. It is extremely important that you check the Preview of the URL. If the preview doesn’t load, it means that the platform doesn’t support Iframe embedding. So, it isn’t compatible with AutoProctor.

AutoProctor for Assessing Candidates

1. Though AutoProctor is primarily being used in Education, many of you are using it to assess candidates you are recruiting.

2. You have also told us that Google Forms lacks features required for recruitment, but you are forced to use Google Forms because you want to use AutoProctor.

3. We are now building a tool that will have the Proctoring features you love, and also make it easier to source and recruit employees.

4. If you are using AutoProctor to recruit candidates, please fill out this survey to help us understand what features matter most to you.

Your Feedback Matters!

We take user feedback very seriously. In fact, we prioritise the features we build based on what users like you are telling us. So, if you really want a new feature, please visit our Support Page and create a ticket. Let us know what you need in the ticket. Who knows, that may be the very next feature we decide to build!